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(Photos By Ron Webb) Long-time Clovis Unified Governing Board Member Brian Heryford announced his resignation from the school board effective Sept. 1, 2019. Mr. Heryford is resigning because he has completed plans to relocate out of state following the 2018 sale of his Clovis insurance business and most recently, his home in the district. “Being on the school board for the past 23 years has been a journey that began when I chose to run, and it has been a great experience that has allowed me to do good for our community. Now, it’s time for this leg of my journey to end, and a new one to begin,” Heryford said in announcing his resignation. In the 23 years since he was elected, Clovis Unified has seen academic achievement climb, national recognition of its academic, performing arts and athletic teams, and on-going financial health. While on the Board, Heryford helped steer the District through the years of the Great Recession, during which dramatic budget cuts were made without any layoffs; unprecedented growth and the opening of 20 schools including the Center for Advanced Research and Technology (CART); and sweeping changes to California’s assessment system and academic content standards. “Brian has been a great advocate for our community and has kept the good of our students at the forefront of every vote he has cast during his time on the Board,” said Superintendent Eimear O’Farrell, Ed.D. “There is no doubt that Brian cares deeply for Clovis Unified, and about protecting the high standards and delivering on the expectations of our community. He will be greatly missed.” Mr. Heryford has also served as a long-time delegate to the California School Boards Association Delegate Assembly, and represented the Governing Board on the Foundation for Clovis Schools and on the Fresno County Committee for School District Organization. His resignation is effective from all duties related to his service on the Governing Board.

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